TrustME™ Secure Flash from Winbond

Secure Flash Memories

Winbond Electronics Corporation company is introducing on the market new W77Q family of SPI Flash memories made in TrustME Secure Memory Technologies. They are a drop-in replacement for standard Flash devices but supporting security features that are essential in today’s information and communication systems, such as IoT (Internet of Things). This series supports secure boot and system level resilience and provides strong protection for operations such as over-the-air updates and device authentication. The new W77Q serie enables hardware root-of-trust and secure, encrypted data-storage and transfer capabilities. It ensures robust and secure over-the-air updates with end-to-end secure channel between the updating authority and the IoT device equipped with W77Q, even when the host processor is compromised.

Security characteristics

  • 100% electrical and functional drop-in replacement for standard serial Flash memories
  • fast integration path with no need to redesign board or SoC
  • automatic code and data authentication and fallback
  • secure storage and advanced security functions
  • secure over-the-air update support
  • Common Criteria EAL2 ( (Evaluation Assurance Level 2) certificated
The figure below shows the end-to-end security application example by Winbond TrustME memory.

Memory characteristics

  • Single/Dual/Quad SPI and QPI (Quad Peripheral Interface)
  • STR (Single Transfer Rate) or DTR (Double Transfer Rate) read instructions
  • maximum clock frequency: 133 MHz in STR mode, 66 MHz in DTR mode
  • page program up to 256 bytes per command