About Nuvoton

Nuvoton Technology Corporation (NTC) was carved-out as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corporation in July 2008. Nuvoton continues extended Winbond’s product lines of Computer Logic IC and Consumer Logic IC businesses, core technology, partnerships, customers, sales etc. prior to the curve-out, and also provides superior service to its customers based on the existing foundation

Currently Nuvoton focuses on the developments of microcontroller, microprocessor, smart home and cloud security IC and has strong market share in Industrial, Consumer and Computer markets. The Computer Logic product line includes the family of highly integrated embedded controllers (EC), I/O devices including the eSIO series, Super I/O series and General Purpose I/O series, hardware monitors (HM), security solutions, consisting of a range of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) devices, and many other products.

The Consumer Logic product line includes Microcontrollers & Microprocessors (including IoT solutions), Application Specific SoCs, Audio ICs, Speech Recording/Playback ICs, Power Management devices and others.

Nuvoton is ISO9000 and TS16949 certified. It has subsidiaries in the USA, China, Israel, India, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

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Nuvoton products:

Our Company has in our offer a wide range of Nuvoton products which may be divided into several functional groups corresponding to various application areas.

  • Microcontrollers– 32-bit MCUs based on ARM CortexTM-M4 / CortexTM-M0 / CortexTM-M23 / CortexTM-M7 cores, 32-bit KM103 MCUs and 8-bit MCUs compatible with the traditional 80C51 standard,
  • Microprocessors– 32-bit MPUs based on ARM926EJ-S core
  • Application Specific SoCs – CortexTM-M0 and CortexTM-M0-based audio processing SoCs (System-on-a-Chip) designed for applications that require audio features and for Adobe FlashLite platform,
  • Audio ICs– mono and stereo audio codecs, ADC and DAC converters, audio amplifiers and enhancers,
  • ISD ChipCorder Voice ICs – recording/playback ISD voice/audio devices known under the trade name ChipCorder®, divided into two groups: digital with Flash memory and MLS with multilevel memory.

For some groups of products (such as Microcontrollers, Voice & Audio ICs, ISD ChipCorder), we also have specialized hardware tools that support designing and running new applications (Evaluation / Demonstration Boards, Development Kits etc.).