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Secure Flash Memories

Winbond company is introducing on the market new W74M and W75F families of SPI Flash memories made in TrustME Secure Memory Technologies. They are standard Flash memories with security features that are essential in today's information and communication systems, such as IoT (Internet of Things). These devices provide a secure, Trusted Memory Environment that can work with a multitude of microcontrollers or microprocessors to raise the level of security.

They can utilize the following types of security:
  • sector protection - data integrity
  • OTP array - authentication
  • password protection - access control
  • monotonic counter - authentication that can prevent hardware attacks (for example replay attacks or device cloning)
  • physical security - tamper resistant to physical attacks, CC EAL5+
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Characteristics of TrustME product families:

W74M series

   Security characteristics:
  • root key, HMAC key (based on SHA-256 hash function) and monotonic counter support for authentication
  • data integrity protection
   Memory characteristics:
  • additional logic and Flash stacked onto SpiNOR or SpiNAND memory
  • scalable densities
W75F series

   Security characteristics:
  • provides CC EAL5+ countermeasure security storage when paired to security controllers
  • bus encryption with strong one-time key
  • data integrity protection
  • individual device key for binding with master
   Memory characteristics:
  • CC EAL5+ Secure Flash
  • scalable densities