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General-purpose DIU (do-it-yourself) kits to record and playback audio messages with ISD sound devices

General purpose test modules to record and playback audio signals using Nuvoton's ISD series audio circuits (commercially known as ChipCorder). Presently, we have two modules for ISD1600 and ISD1700 series circuits which we offer costfree (as unmounted printed circuit boards without electronic components) with retail quantities of given type of ISD devices purchased from us. For each module, detailed documentation has been prepared, containing description of its construction, description of the functions realized by the audio circuits used in them along with method of realizing these functions.

Both modules MART1600 and MART1700_v2 are so designed that they contain all the electro-mechanical elements (pushbuttons, switches and sockets) necessary for realizing individual functions of the audio circuits, and also have electret microphones forming the signal source for recording. They only require connecting up the supply source, external speaker and optionally an external audio signal source for recording.