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"Mart ISP" software to support in-system programming (ISP) of Nuvoton's microcontrollers

"Mart ISP" program to support in-system programming (ISP) of Nuvoton's microcontrollers

[download MartISP (ZIP file 362k)]

[download flash loader source code (.asm file)]

The Mart ISP program is intended to operate in WIN95/98/2000/XP environments. It works with Nuvoton's ISP microcontrollers equipped with Marthel Loader. Microcontrollers are programmed via RS232 serial port. The in-system programming enables to avoid external programmer - all functions related to programming is included in Loader's code inside microcontroller. As compared with factory-made Loaders used at competitor's solutions, the Marthel's Loader enables to support, via ISP programming, external Watchdog connected to any microcontroller port. Automatic baud rate detection, invisible for the user, enables to use various frequency of microcontroller timing.
The program features a convenient and simplified user's interface. In case of larger orders, the Loader's code may be customized. Currently, the ISP Loader is available for the following microcontrollers:

The main functions of the program are: