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Voice & Audio ICs


Voiceband CODECs
       PCM Codecs

Audio CODECs
       Mono Codecs
       Stereo Codecs
       Stereo ADC
       Stereo DAC
       Development Tools for Audio Codecs

Audio Amplifiers
       Class AB
       Class D
       2Vrms Line Driver
       Smart Amp
       Development Tools for Audio Amplifiers

Audio Converters
       Precision ADC

Audio Enhancement
       Audio Enhancement - MaxxAudio

A group of voice and audio solutions designed for consumer, telecommunication and automotive markets.They are divided into following families:

  • Voiceband CODECs - single and dual channel codecs with A-Law / µ-Law companding, complying with industry standard ITU G.711 and G.712 recommendations.

  • Audio CODECs - high quality wideband mono/stereo Audio ADCs, DACs and Codecs with the sampling frequency up to 192 kHz and SNR up to 103 dB.

  • Audio Amplifiers - high quality Class-AB and Class-D mono/stereo audio amplifiers with differential/single ended inputs, fixed or variable gain, 1.5 to 20 W output power and SNR up to 105 dB.

  • Audio Converters - single or dual channel precision 24-bit ADCs designed for measurement equipment.

  • Audio Enhancement - audio ICs with built-in patented and advanced algorithms MaxxAudio to overcome audio limitations and recreate the full quality of the sound.

  • Development Kits and Evaluation Systems - modules which support creating new designs with voice codecs.