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EDAC is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of high-quality electronic connectors and interconnect products. Its product line includes all kinds of connectors, including Card Edge, Rack-and-Panel, D-sub, DVI, USB, RF, Modular RJ, Waterproof, and also Pin headers & Sockets, custom Cable Assemblies, and Accessories. EDAC also has the ability to deliver custom connectors ranging from minor product variations to full custom solutions.

Company's Head Office is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Company has design and customer service centers worldwide, manufacturing facilities in China, and customer logistics centers in Canada, United States, UK, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It has global channel of engineering services, representatives and distributors and has several dozen Sales Offices in North America, Asia and Europe.

In 2010 the European branch of EDAC, EDAC Europe acquired a well-known manufacturer of connectors, the company MH Connectors and introduced its products to its own portfolio. These are mainly Modular Plugs & Jacks, D-Sub and DVI Connectors and Connector Hoods.

EDAC is ISO 9001 Quality Standard certified.

 - edacJAX Modular RJ45
 - edacJAX Magnetic RJ45
 - D-Sub & DVI
 - D-Sub Combo
 - USB & Firewire
 - Rack & Panel
 - E-Seal
 - Hard Metric / Future Bus
 - B57 Centronics
 - DIN 41612 Connectors
 - RF Coaxial Connectors
 - CardEDGE+
 - Press Fit
 - V.35 Connectors
 - MINI 302
 - High Reliabiity Inter-Lock
 - PIN Headers & Sockets
 - PLCC Sockets
 - Memory Sockets
 - Cables Assemblies
 - Ribbon & Flex Cable
 - Guides
 - Hoods & Covers
 - Accessories & Tools